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Let me tell you how my day has been going.

I got a call transferred to me from a guy in Sales back at my old job. It’s a sales person from that group’s parent company. Let’s call them Schmenry Shmine. This call was not for anything tech-related… this is a guy who’s pushing gauze, gloves, toothpaste, and all of the other common-use stuff in a dental office.

He wants me to give him the part number to and put in an order for a camera hanger.

Guess what? I AM IN TECHNICAL SUPPORT. I don’t sell things, I don’t have part numbers, I don’t even think the part he wants is even sold seperately. I tell him that I don’t have access to this, but I would be more than happy to get him to a regional sales manager who has a part list.

He says “I don’t want a goddamn manager, I want to be put on the line with someone who can give me that and sell it to me immediately. Come on, let’s do it for Team Schei– er… Schmein.”

News Flash:
I don’t work for Schmenry Shmine.

Schmenry Shmine is the company that repeatedly gave me the shaft for the last two years I was with them, continually pulling asshole move on me after asshole move.

I have no loyalty for Team Shmine.

In fact, I would dance a freaking JIG if Schmenry Shmine and all of their subsidiaries were forced out of business and the CEO, Board of Directors, and in fact everyone down the chain to the guy who used to run the Support team and dissolved the Quality Control department were left penniless giving handjobs for whiskey money.

THAT is how I feel about Team Shmine.

He got ten minutes in the Penalty Box and a phone number for his zone manager. DAMN do I hate people.

Policies. OOOOH!

Policies. OOOOH!

Word came from the Powers that Be that we’ve got Official Corporate Blogging Policy now.

Some things are obvious– like not disclosing confidential information or something that is potentially harmful to the company. I recognize that to a point, but if a customer is going to be defrauded or if there is something going on that is against the law here… whistleblower laws protect me.

Says we can’t portray the company negatively. Well, I’ll tell you what… as soon as the company starts treating me with the respect and courtesy that I am due (HSI, not DHR… they’ve been nothing but awesome to me and I appreciate it), I’ll stop referencing them– in particular Aitch Ess Pee Ess management beyond the department supervisor level– in a negative light.

Until then, they’re cordially invited to play a brisk, refreshing game of hide-and-go-fuck-yourself.

Says we can’t refer to clients without their express personal authorization. This I also think is fair– but that says nothing about referring to them obliquely without immediate personal identification. Long story short, if you piss me off enough to blog about it, I’m blogging about it whether the suits in New York like it or not.

And so on…

And so on…

I’m officially the ONLY person left in this department not to have been given even the slightest hint about what jobs they’ve got in mind for me. Perhaps the “I swear to God, if you offer me a job as a support tech for the Core group, I’ll offer you my immediate resignation” talk didn’t fall upon deaf ears after all.

However, Jacob (or someone, I’m not sure) may have pulled some strings… because I’m going to be flying out to Atlanta (well, technically, Alpharetta), Georgia to help instill some Clue in some of the new techs. There are several people that I plan on having Words with. Words like “I swear, if you delete another customer’s database, you’ll have hell to pay”. Or maybe “The next time you tell someone we don’t support a problem that we actually do and I have to clean up your mess AGAIN, heads will roll. Specifically, yours.” After some discussion, it’s probably half because they’re noticing me… and half because I’m the most senior person here who doesn’t have a family or a life, and as a result of that wouldn’t mind spending a national holiday on plane trips. I ship out at 10 0’something on Memorial Day morn.

I’ll be down there for a work week, and will arrive back in Utah at 11 o’something PM on Friday, June first. The suite will be paid for by the company, but there is not rental car one for me… so I’m gonna be making Hotel Shuttle Guy’s life hell after work down there, methinks. Still, this’ll be my first time Down Sowf, and (aside from the work part) I’ll be interested to see how they do things down there. I just need to find some way into Atlanta proper, and do the touristy thing there.

The bonus just can’t come soon enough.

We Are The Lazy Generation

We Are The Lazy Generation

Here’s the latest work bullshit…

No more T-shirts allowed. Well, I’ll tell you this… I’ll start wearing dress shirts when Dentrix gives me a clothing stipend to replace all of my T-shirts. Otherwise, they can go fuck themselves. I’m not wasting free time ironing or money to have them pressed. Fuck ’em.

The latest conclusions that have been come to– typical.

DTX = Hell

DTX = Hell

Congratulations, DTX.

You’ve managed to officially break my spirit and crush my will. It took you guys a few weeks of false hopes and promises to stay the course just to set me up for the fall, but you’ve done an admirable job.

And that’s exactly what I can’t find now. Another one.

I thought that I was done being upset and there was hope.

Obviously, that’s just another lie… like they’ll keep on feeding me until I can get the fuck out of here.



I got responses back from management, but they’re only of the “thanks for helping, we’re going to dance around all of the questions that you’ve asked but make it sound like it’s all sunshine and unicorn farts” variety.

I have a meeting with Jeff today. I’m having Nixonian levels of anxiety about it.

But unlike Nixon…

I know that the bastards are really out to get me.

Urge To Kill Rising…

Urge To Kill Rising…

Dear world:

It’s been a while since you’ve had a post full of anger and bitterness here. Well… I’m back.

Yesterday, my copy of Windows XP that I had ordered online showed up. This would normally be a reason to celebrate, and I did… until I opened it.

I didn’t get an OEM copy of XP like I had ordered (as I had just bought a new PC)… I got a Volume License Edition for education. The CD itself is a legitimate Microsoft CD… but it was illegally sold to me. The CD states that not only it’s not for retail OR OEM distribution, but, in clear terms, that it is NOT FOR RESALE. Of course, this really helps me because I get my upgrade stuff today. I try to go legit and THIS is what I get? Sonofabitch.

To add fuel to the flame, I came to work and read an E-mail on one of the monitors that I did. I’m not naming names of either the person in question nor the department they work in nor the manager who sent me the E-mail…

But this person got a 100%. Best score you can get without REALLY impressing the QC team, or going the extra mile for the customer, or whatever. Unfortunately, this person’s manager doesn’t think that’s nearly enough. In fact, this person’s manager complained that I didn’t give their technician a 101%. Remember the rant that I wrote a while back? Yeah. It’s that same person.

The only thing that’s keeping me from going outside and breaking my hand on one of the columns out front again is the fact that I’ve been taking great care to breathe evenly and deeply and looking at the picture of Angela and I in my cube to remind myself that there are more important things in life than taking out my anger on inanimate objects.

I Fixed The Car Again, Oh Boy…

I Fixed The Car Again, Oh Boy…

I finally bit the bullet and brought my car in for the dreaded 30,000 mile service (which… uh… I… kind of… uh… welll… I’m late…). Unfortunately, the dealership neglected to inform me that they had me scheduled for only a simple oil change and not the full tune-up, so they had to keep my car overnight. WHASUPWITDAT?

In addition… having a newer car that many of the parts aren’t user-servicable on sucks. I’m going to be out four-eighty on this bad boy. I would’ve put on nicer underwear if I would’ve known I was going to be bent over like that.

I’m in Grandma’s old Buick tomorrow, which will be… interesting. It’s been a while since I’ve been behind the wheel of a bona-fide land yacht (the last being the Grand Prix, which I can assure you all, I loathed), so I’m going to have to leave work a little bit early.

On the work front itself, I’ve (voluntarily) been moved from my prior spot on the call floor to the row facing the window, and I have to admit that I like the change. I’ve got natural light coming in and negating the effects of the flourescents, so the headaches are drastically lessened, and I’m sitting off of the beaten path so I’m not distracted evey time someone opens the door. The only crappy thing is that Kaeldragor sits back on the old row that I once did, so it’ll be a little while before he moves over to the light side. I’ve still got no idea where they’re going to put Super Mystery New Department Member, though. The job itself… is passable. It is pretty nice not to have to keep my eye so sharply trained on Outlook, and my problem calls have all passed on to Jacob, who took over the job for me. I’m still worried by the sheer volume of calls that I’ll have to monitor… I’ve only got three done for my primary department when I need to get three PER TECH done for that group. My secondary department is a bit easier, because I can hit the techs in that department once, pass judgement, and then forget about them for the rest of the month.

Finally, on the anger/depression front that I’ve talked to some of you about… I apologize for being as melodramatic as I tend to be. Yeah… things are shitty right now. I’ve still got scads of work that I need to do, and I’m still not entirely sure how I’ll be able to meet my goals… but I have to try. The school thing still pisses me off. The personal organization thing… yeah, only I can fix that. I might even throw out a call-to-arms to some of my friends out in Meatspace to field some ideas. And damn, do I wish that the Ikea in Draper were open so I could get the computer armoire and shelves that I wanted. I highly doubt that I can check an armoire as a carry-on if I go to the San Diego store.

Regardless, though… as soon as I get my school issues taken care of, I feel that things will be on the upswing. Plus, there is camping this weekend. I’m still debating on whether I should actually bother sleeping in a tent, or just throwing my ground pad onto the dirt and sleeping out under the stars, possibly to be mauled to death by a rabid, bloodthirsty squirrel.

Oh, and one last thing… are you a Real American? (For those of you at work, you’re cordially invited to watch this YouTube video at home. Trust me, you won’t regret it.)

And… yeah.

And… yeah.

They fuck you and fuck you and fuck you, and just when you think it’s over, that’s when the real fucking begins!

— Conrad Van Orton (Sean Penn), The Game

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel? Still A Train.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel? Still A Train.

It’s official… I have until End Of Quarter to make a decision regarding my job.

Option A is to keep my current title, but all that I would do is sit and monitor calls all day. Which, as all of you know, I abhor. It’s like watching paint dry but without all of the excitement. However, it would be a springboard toward getting a TL position (eventually… if one ever opens up in the two departments where I’d feel comfortable being a TL… maybe) and I’d still kind of be seen as management.

Option B is to have my fat ass busted back down to being a technician. Now, all of you know how hard that I’ve worked to move up from being one of the techs (and no offense to them). I’d probably have a higher tech level by default than the one that I left as, but still… that would mean taking calls again. And eventually having the “Oh, and by the way, we’re forcing you to cross-train on Core. And by the way, we’re going to flex you over to Core all the time, and there isn’t shit that you can do about it but whine, knowing that the situation will never change.” It’ll also drop my shot at EVER getting promoted again, as it shows that I”m not a “Team Player” and that I’m “willing to roll with what Management has planned” and that I’m a “Negative Influence” and that I “don’t bathe” and I “scare children” and I “have food stuck in my teeth”.

Option C is to find a new job… but I’ve got the same dilemma as everyone else who is seeking bigger and brighter things… I can’t find anywhere else that would pay me anything close to what I’m earning right now, and I can’t afford to lose my insurance.

Option D isn’t even an option. I’m not going there again.

I don’t know. To completely rephrase a bit of Les Miserables for my own nefarious purposes…

If I do nothing, I am condemned… if I go back, I am damned…

Aww… nutsack.

Aww… nutsack.

You can always count on a meeting with your boss’s boss to turn a decent day into a spectacularly shitty one.

Kri5is… I think I might need to take your advice. It sounds like a long talk with The Captain may be in order.



All that I can say is this…

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Not literally, but… yeah. I refuse to expound upon it more in this forum.