…Now Reap the Whirlwind

…Now Reap the Whirlwind

So back in the days when this was published on LiveJournal (the archives are still here… visible only to me, because sorry… young me was insufferable), I ranted a lot about work. It’s not a smart thing to do, and I stopped.

Until today.

*Clears throat*

Dear lower-level technician: The call that I took this morning that you had previously worked on was an absolute disaster. The advice and steps that the office said that you gave them were, at best, completely and utterly wrong and something that anyone with an ounce of logic in their head would never have suggested. At worst, they would have led to a lawsuit that the company would have no defense against.

I resolved the issue that you had exacerbated and groveled to calm an angry customer. Because I didn’t want this to happen again but I had liked you, lower-level technician, I opted to let your Team Lead know what went on, how the issue was resolved, and to give you coaching—which, readers, is NOT disciplinary action, and more of a gentle “hey, don’t do this in the future, do this instead”— and let my incredulity that this would have actually happened on a tech call slide off of my back. My call notes stated that the customer told me that you had told them this. At no point did I say that you specifically had done this thing.

To respond the way you did, personally attacking me ON THE CUSTOMER’S ACCOUNT NOTES PAGE, written in indelible ink, proclaiming your innocence and giving a “but so-and-so told me to do this, I just didn’t put it in the notes, for realsies” defense, and bringing up other issues that would be a stretch to even call tangential… is not the way to react to this. An IM would have been fine. An e-mail would have been fine. Talking to me face-to-face about the issue would have been great. Not that.

So congratulations, asshole. You’ve managed to jump headfirst into a prime spot on my shitlist. Your prize for this is a formal report of employee misconduct, a full review of both the call and recorded remote assistance session where you allegedly wrecked the customer’s… ah… situation (can’t be too specific, due to legal regulations)… and the lost of all of the trust that I had ever given you to do the most rudimentary of things. You’ve also gained extreme scrutiny from me on every last little thing that you do incorrectly that reaches me, and believe you me, anything that you do out of line… goes straight to your boss.

I hope with all my strength that you get caught red-handed telling this customer the things that they claim that you told them and doing the things that they allege you have done, and I hope that they throw the fucking book at you.

Edit, one day later:

Shockingly, after the formal report, the person in question approached me and gave a formal apology.  The notes were manually deleted, and a completely unnecessary but appreciated compliment about my lovely lavender fishin’ shirt was thrown in for good measure.  I’ll take that as a win. 

The Road to Hell

The Road to Hell

Every time I hear the ol’ chestnut “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, I cringe a little bit.  Not because I think it’s untrue, mind you.  But because I keep on trying to go into new things or make changes with the best of intentions, and invariably fail to follow-up (School being an exception, and even then it took KLynne to light enough of a fire under my ass to get me moving.)

Eating better?  I’m good for a few days, and then I backslide.  Not making the same mistakes in my classes that I did in past terms?  I improve a little bit each term, but not enough.  Seeing a doctor (like I talked about in my last post way back at the beginning of the year)?  Tried to get appointments at both of ’em.  One never returned my call (and a side note: this is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I want to pay you significant amounts of money for a service.  The fact that you think that I’m not worth calling back, especially for something as serious as counseling, makes me realize that you probably really don’t give a shit one way or another about any of your patients) and the other one I got a horrible, horrible vibe from.  Getting that crap I need to sell posted on eBay?  Hasn’t happened. Never tried finding anyone else.  Stopping using lists of rhetorical questions to illustrate a point?  Yeah…

I can’t accept the excuse I keep using of not having enough time.  Minutes that I spend at leisure need to be reduced and productive time put in place of them.

And yet, I know that even if I say that, I’m going to keep on doing what I am now.  Work, school, and then being so burned out from both of the previous that I don’t do the other stuff I need to do.

I wonder what the point of it all is sometimes.

Thoughts, Words, and Lack of Action

Thoughts, Words, and Lack of Action

First…  I’m not doing my usual Year in Review post.  It was fun while it lasted, but honestly?  2015 can go to hell.  There was some good (concerts with friends, motorcycle rides, time with Kristen, Gen Con) but more bad.  Fuck it.

I’m writing about depression, and I feel fine doing so ’cause… well, no one really reads this.  If you know me, you know that I’ve dealt with depression for a long time.  It’s something that is a part of me.  It’s something that will, unfortunately, always be a part of me, regardless of what I do.

I’ve been reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, which deals with depression (and social anxiety, and the urge to cause pain to oneself, and all sorts of other fun mental illnesses).  She handles ’em through the time-honored practice of blogging, staring at cat pictures, acquiring odd taxidermied animals, and generally being “fun crazy” (as opposed to actual crazy, I guess?).  I can only read small parts of that book at a time because I get too reflective on my own stuff.

The only thing that I am aware that I’ve been definitively diagnosed as is having moderate to severe clinical depression.  I get the feeling that there are other things wrong with me (a dash of social anxiety here, a pinch of ADD there) but don’t want to self-diagnose, because down that path leads… well, me thinking I’m more fucked-up than I actually am.  I use anger as a coping mechanism.  I downplay how I’m feeling if people ask or even if I think I need help because I’m afraid of negative reactions if I tell them how I really, honestly feel.  I think about how much worse (insert person/citizens of a region/people who lived during a historic era) had/have it than I do, and who the hell am I to get sad about X thing when they survived Y thing… and I should feel shame for being sad.  And then I do and then it spirals into an ouroboros of shame and disgust.

Lately, though, it’s getting worse, not better.  I’ve heard the saying “Depression Lies” (which, as it turns out, was mentioned by the selfsame Jenny Lawson whose book I’m reading) a lot… but I’m having a hard time believing that it lies all the time.  Hell, I know there’s truth to the self-criticisms that I assail myself with.  And the anger!  When I read something about how someone is so depressed they can’t get out of bed for a week, all I think is “what the hell kind of job do YOU have where you can just spend a week in bed?  I have no recourse but to drag my fat ass to work no matter how shitty I feel.”   I frequently have the urge to react physically just to get rid of the flush of adrenaline in my body when I’m angry on top of everything else.  Usually I’m good at keeping it in check.  Sometimes I punch a wall.  I live in constant fear that somehow I’ll lash out AGAINST someone.  That I’m some kind anger-beast who is only driven by how pissed off he is.

None of this is healthy, and I’m in control of myself to realize it.  Furthermore, I’m in control enough to know that I’ll never act on whatever seriously harmy negative thoughts I have, because I realize how badly any sort of action would hurt my family and friends.

That’s cold comfort when you feel like you’re nothing but shit a good portion of the time.

How have I dealt with it?  Medication (prescribed shortly after I moved to Georgia) and trips to a few different psychiatrists for medication maintenance and some discussion.  Most were ineffectual at best (and the one pushing herbal remedies for everything was the worst), but then again, I’ve only really had one counselor that has made a difference for me.  I don’t think that the pills are working as well as they once did, though. Occasional deep breaths.  Attempts to remove myself from situations.  And… that’s it.  Back in the heady days of LiveJournal i’d write more about how I felt, but the less said about THOSE posts, the better.  (They still exist, imported to this blog but locked up with an “Only I can view this” filter).

I’ve tried a few times to find counselors to talk to.  Most of ’em that I found were faith-based, and as I’m not a believer, that’s not going to do anything for me.  The few that weren’t either didn’t answer their phones, weren’t accepting patients (and seemed like I was inconveniencing them for even bothering to talk to them), or, in one particularly egregious case, the counselor no-showing to their office when I had a scheduled appointment.

I am, in short, wary of trying to talk to someone… but things are bad enough that I think that I have to.   I’ve gotten two referrals.  Maybe one of them will work.

Hopefully one of them will.

Confessions of a 32-Year-Old Sophomore, Summer/Early Fall 2015 Edition

Confessions of a 32-Year-Old Sophomore, Summer/Early Fall 2015 Edition

While I slog through Fall Semester, I thought I’d keep everyone (and Future Me) updated on things.  Hi, everyone! Hi, Future Me!  Have the Avalanche won another cup?  Are the Braves threatening to move to a new stadium again?

Dr. Statistician

I can’t think of a clever name for my Stats professor, so I’m just gonna go with “Dr. Statistician”.  Dr. Statistician’s class was, as I’m sure you’ve surmised, an intro-level Statistics course.  And I enjoyed it!  I think that I was able to more readily apply concepts that I learned in that class to all of the stuff that I’ve done so far than any other class to date.  (Although I know that will change, but that comes later in this post.)  Of course, a few months out I don’t exactly remember everything– that’s the problem with summer classes.

Also, I was able to do things more quickly and intelligently with my newer, fancier calculator that never got the market share than the stupid TI-83/84 series ones that they’re still recommending.  SO THERE!  EAT A DICK, TI, FOR NOT PROPERLY MARKETING AND PIMPING THE n-SPIRE!

Colonel Geography

Col. Geography is, as I’m sure you can surmise, a retired army colonel who used to teach geography (among other things) at West Point.  (That’s how I found out he was a former colonel– looked for his name to be mentioned somewhere on West Point’s site.)  Even though a lot of the stuff in his class was old hat, I did learn a fair bit of new things from taking his class about why people live where they live.  Plus his class was an excuse for me to get some fry sauce from the Land ‘o Zion and serve it up as a Unique Ethnic Food™.  I had to use fries from Steak ‘n Shake so it wasn’t completely authentic, but CLOSE ENOUGH!

Both Dr. Statistician and Col. Geography liked me, which always helps classes go by faster.  It’s always good to have your work marked as “superlative” and to have your prof state to the class that a certain student who got their work turned in “really set the bar high” for everyone else.  Even though we didn’t have a curve in that class, it made me feel like a curve killer.

Oh, Pepe. You always know what to say.


Professor I’m An Expert In Teaching, But You’re Going To Have To Teach Yourself From The Book

This was Class Numero Uno for Fall Term.  Calculus-based physics.  I bought my book (International Edition, because it’s $175 cheaper to buy a book that’s printed and written in the US, shipped to the UK, purchased by a company in Singapore, shipped to Hong Kong, and then shipped back to the US than to buy the US release of the book), was mentally prepared for a semester of tough work, and then…

I get to class.  I am lectured to for a good hour and a half about educational theory and how lectures are bad and how this professor has a doctorate in quantum physics and a second in educational studies or something of the like and how he’s taught for soooo many years at other schools and knows exactly the best way to drill education into our heads and how we’re going to have to learn how to code in Python because you can do physics simulations in that language even though coding ≠ physics.  I’m excited at first, because yay, new means of pedagogy.  Then Professor Smartypants tells us how we’re going to have to teach ourselves everything from the book but use him as “a resource”, and how class will be all labs but we’re expected to know, verbatim, everything from the chapter.

Uh… guy… if I wanted to teach myself physics from a book, I WOULD HAVE DONE  THAT ALREADY.  I know that educators are decrying the commodification of college courses, but seriously… I’m paying good money to be taught.  Not to read and hope I understand and ask questions (but only during times that I’m working due to his limited availability) to a guy who’s setting himself up as some kind of wise man that you need to climb Mount Bullshit to talk to.  I’m more about using books as a resource to lecture material rather than vice-versa, and having open, in-class discussions.  Maybe Professor Too Good To Teach has found that his method works well with lots of students.  That’s fine!  More power to him!  I just know that I do best in a semi-traditional lecture setting.  I had bad vibes after this class.  I conveyed said bad vibes to KLynne, who said, basically, that I should drop the class like I’m holding contraband and the five-oh are in hot pursuit.  Rather than being wishy-washy about it (and having another Professor Harridan situation on my hands) I proceeded to hop online, bail on that class, and add another.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to get into another class that’s a prereq for Pharm School, but I did get something that is a degree prerequisite, if nothing else.  That’s gonna come later.

Dr. Kenya!

Dr. Kenya! gets an exclamation point after his name because he is so very, very enthusiastic about what he does and what he learns.  He’s a biochemist by trade (and was very excited when I said that my degree path is biology with a biochem emphasis, even if I am going toward Pharmacy) who spends his days working at the CDC but, as he put it, “got bored at night because his kids are older” and started teaching at my school for something to do.   He lectures in an entertaining manner, uses an antenna that he ripped off of a thrift store boom box as a pointer,

He lets us know that he is very aware of the fact that all of us have full-time jobs (it’s my first evening class) and that he’s tailoring the class to fit our limited time.  First test is Friday, we’ve had a few labs already that have gone well, and things are (knock on wood) going well so far.  Plus Dr. Kenya! has also taught genetics in the past, which means that if he’s doing that again, I might be able to take him again.

Dr. Wearable Technology

Honestly, I’ve only met Dr. WT once.  He was a nice guy when I met him, we talked about his Apple Watch, Google Glass, and what wearable to get.  The class is Intro to Computing— which I was, admittedly, too lazy to test out of— and is a hybrid, which means we meet “a limited number of times”.  In this case, it basically means that the class is online and we can go to lecture on Saturdays if we need extra help with any of the things that we’re discussing or MS Office products we’ll use.  I might be popping in to make appearances during some of the Excel and Access stuff, but right now we’re focusing on PowerPoint.

I will also be the first to admit that I’ve learned a few things in the class– Powerpoint (and I assume the other stuff in Office) has a decent background removal tool, and that paired with a circular crop and a background fade can make stock photography look decent.  Of course, if I actually knew Photoshop I could assuredly do better, but that’s a skill that I’ll just lean on KLynne to do for me I have yet to learn.

Updates on all this and more will follow at the end of the term… and looking ahead I’ve got Attempt #2 at Physics for Scientists (provided I can get the other professor who teaches the class), O-Chem if I can’t get into the class I want, and Bio 2.

Progress is slow, friends, but it is progress.  I just need to keep on telling myself that.



The Road Behind

The Road Behind

Today, I felt guilty like I always feel when I read other people’s blogs for neglecting my own decided to write something.  I’ve been on a downward path as of late, and think it’s time to list one of those “hey, look at all of the cool shit that you’ve done in your life that you should be thankful for!” posts to try to break me out of my funk. And I’m unleashing it on you, my literally ones of readers. Here goes.

  • I beat Battletoads for the NES without cheating.
    • This took many hours, and no one believes me… but I did it.  I beat one of the most difficult games ever devised.
  • I’ve camped under the stars.
    • No shelter.  Just me, my pack, and my sleeping bag. I only did it once, but it was fantastic.
  • I moved away from my parents.
    • Yes, I know that this doesn’t seem like much, but with the growing trend of people my age still living at home because of a crap economy, I’m counting this as a win.
  • I was a college radio DJ.
    • Granted, it was a VERY brief time (I only had a few shows under my belt before Attempt #1 at school ended)… but I lived the dream.  Hell, I still know that I could have been a fantastic jock— I’ve been complimented on my voice by several long-time DJs and my former professor— but working like a dog for a salary in the $25k/year range (at least at first) and having the knowledge that you may have to move at any point in time hanging over your head at all times… yeah.
  • I left a Vegas casino more than $100 ahead.
    • If only that happened every time I played.
  • I survived an (extremely) emotionally abusive relationship— and (mostly) got through it.
    • The less said about this one the better.  It took roughly 1000% more time for me to leave than I should have, Bad Things happened, counseling happened afterwards, and I’m a stronger person.  Although if I was asked to do it over again… NOPE.  And as a side note, all of the people who said (and say) that I shouldn’t still be angry about it… I will ALWAYS be angry about it.  To not be angry about what was done to me is to forget the lesson that I learned.
      Always Angry
  • I made a cross-country move.  I lived on my own, no roommates, no nothin’, for a year.
    • I didn’t die.  I learned much about myself. I kept a clean house, a well decorated living room (bedroom was a little boring), paid rent on time, and even sat out on my porch a few times until the bugs got too thick.
  • I went white-water rafting. Twice.
    • I’m terrified of water.  How I have done this twice I still don’t know, even though I had a panic attack the second go round and nearly killed someone.
  • I adopted a dog from a rescue.
    • Yes, I’m that guy.  MY DOG IS A RESCUE, YOU GUYS.
  • I finally have come to accept, nay, admire, how my face looks.
    • I used to think that I was not an attractive man.  I learned that my face ain’t that bad looking.  The rest of me is a work of progress, but my mug is pretty awesome.
  • I met an awesome woman and moved in with her after three(!) months of dating, risks be damned.  Then I married her.
    • I’m still shocked that she sent that first message to me, despite the snarkiness of my profile.  I’m still shocked that I worked up the nerve to say “I love you” after just over a month of dating. I’m still shocked that we moved in so quickly and didn’t kill each other.  I’m still shocked that I bought that ring without her input and that it turned out to be amazing.  I’m NOT shocked that everything with us has been fantastic.
  • I have walked into the Atlantic Ocean and didn’t die.
    • This was in Savannah.  It was salty.  I stood at my full height because I thought I was going to be swept away, even though my feet still were on the ground.  I even had fun.  Don’t tell anyone.  I did it in the Keys too, but that was different.  Note that I am NOT mentioning the snorkeling incident, which is best forgotten.  Forever.
  • I bought a house.
    • There aren’t a ton of people from my generation that were homeowners at 26 years old.
  • I learned that my parents aren’t completely infallible, and that’s OK.
    • Knowing that for a given level of Mom, there’s a decent amount of crazy is a good thing.  Knowing that I can disagree with her is a great thing.
  • I learned to ride a motorcycle, got my license endorsement, and own a bike.
  • I went to Mardi Gras.
    • So many beads.  And I didn’t even have to earn ’em the hard way!
  • I went back to college to get that degree that I never got.
    • Well, I don’t have the degree yet.  But, with a lot of encouragement (more than I’m willing to admit) from KLynne, I took the first step.  Now I’m (slowly but surely) on the way to meet my goals.
  • I’ve visited half of the states in the US.
    • Some visits were not long.  But if I was in a car, got out of the car in that state, and ate or got gas, I’m counting it.
  • I rescued a stray dog.
    • Looking back, I don’t see how I could have ever considered NOT keeping Bumi after we picked him up from the side of the road.  I don’t even want to think about what his fate would have been if we wouldn’t have stopped on that scenic overlook.
  • I found and embraced my personal sense of style.
    • I’m not going to be winning any GQ awards for Most Fashionable Guy in the History of Ever, but I know what I like.  Hawaiian/Camp shirts, fishing shirts (either by Columbia or aping their style), comfortable jeans or cargo pants. T-shirts on weekends.  Not anything groundbreaking.  It’s basically Dadwear even though I’m not a dad. So what if I look like I look like I could be working at REI… or going to a Buffett concert.


Let me know what you’re proud of. Not of mine.  I’m not that kind of fishin’ for compliments guy. Er… proud that you’ve done.  Yeah.

My First Bachelors Isn’t From an Accredited Higher Education Facility

My First Bachelors Isn’t From an Accredited Higher Education Facility

My favorite local wing ‘n beer ‘n sports place, Taco Mac, has a loyalty program, Brewniversity.  (When I started, though, it was called the Passport Club.) Last night, I reached 125 beers, which means I’ve earned my Brewniversity Bachelor’s Degree. Aside from the bitchin’ shirt (in the mail soon!), plaque on the wall of my local Taco Mac (no idea when it’s getting added!) and the ability to get a 20 oz. draught for the pint price, I learned a lot about what I do and don’t like. Here’s the complete list, sorted by date, displayed ten beers at a time so your eyes don’t get murdered. (Full disclosure: Some of these weren’t actually drank completely by me.)

Had OnLocationNameBreweryStyleOriginABV
9/7/07AlpharettaXinguCervejaria Sul BrasileiraDark Lager/DunkelBRA4.4
9/7/07AlpharettaTommyknocker Vienna AmberTommyknockerAmber/Red AleCO5.3
9/7/07AlpharettaDELIRIUM TREMENSBrouwerij HuygeBelgian PaleBEL9
9/7/07AlpharettaAyinger JahrhundertAyingerLagerGER5.5
9/7/07AlpharettaPILSNER URQUELLPlzensky PrazdrojPilsnerCZE4.4
10/4/07AlpharettaABITA PURPLE HAZEAbitaFruit/Herbed/Spice BeerLA4.75
10/4/07AlpharettaPetes Wicked AlePetesBrown AleMN5.5
11/10/07AlpharettaFlying DogtoberfestFlying DogOktoberfest/MarzenMD5.1
11/10/07AlpharettaAnchor SteamAnchorAmber LagersCA4.9
11/10/07AlpharettaLindeman's PecheLindemansLambicBEL4
11/10/07AlpharettaHornsby Draft CiderHornsbysCiderCA6
3/11/09DuluthGUINNESS 20ozGuinnessStoutIRE4.2
3/11/09DuluthSTONE ARROGANT BASTARDStoneStrong AleCA7.2
3/11/09DuluthLand Shark LagerMargaritavilleLagerFL4.7
4/6/09AlpharettaGenesee Cream AleGeneseeBlonde AleNY5.1
4/6/09AlpharettaDT-RON BURGUNDYSweetwaterStrong AleGA8
4/23/09DuluthFORDHAM COPPERHEAD ALEAmber/Red AleMD4.7
4/23/09DuluthPAULANER HEFEPaulanerHefeweizenGER5.5
7/2/09DuluthGUINNESS 250GuinnessStoutIRE5
7/2/09DuluthTommyknocker Jack WheatTommyknockerHefeweizenCO5.4
7/2/09DuluthALLAGASH TRIPLEAllagashTripelME9
7/22/09DuluthPetes Strawberry BlondPetesFruit/Herbed/Spice BeerMN5.6
7/22/09DuluthSWEETWATER 420SweetwaterPale AleGA5.4
1/28/10AlpharettaTOMMYKNOCKER COCOATommyknockerPorterMO5.7
4/5/10AlpharettaTERRAPIN RYE PALE ALETerrapinPale AleGA5.3
4/5/10AlpharettaBELL'S JAVA STOUTBell'sStoutMI7.5
4/11/10Mall of GeorgiaOMMEGANG RARE VOSBrewery OmmegangBelgian PaleNY6.5
4/11/10Mall of GeorgiaNORTH COAST OLD RASPUTINNorth CoastImperial StoutCA9
4/11/10Mall of GeorgiaKILKENNYSmithwick'sAmber/Red AleIRE4.3
4/11/10Mall of GeorgiaBLUE MOON WHITEBlue MoonWitbier/White BeerCO5.4
4/18/10DuluthOMMEGANG WITTEBrewery OmmegangWitbier/White BeerNY5.1
4/18/10DuluthCarlsbergCarlsberg DanmarkLagerDEN3.8
4/18/10DuluthAvery White RascalAveryWitbier/White BeerCO5.5
1/22/11DecaturSOUTHAMPTON DOUBLE WHITESouthamptonWitbier/White BeerNY6.7
1/22/11DecaturBLUE MOON SPRNG BLOND WHTBlue MoonSeasonal SpecialtyCO5.4
1/22/11DecaturJAILHOUSE SLAMMER WHEATJail HouseWheat BeerGA5
4/1/11PradoSHINER BOCKShinerBockTX4.4
4/1/11PradoCONEY ISLAND MERMAID PILSShmaltzPilsnerNY5.3
4/1/11PradoSHINER DORTMUNDERShinerSeasonal SpecialtyTX5.5
4/27/11DuluthSTONE SMOKED PORTERStonePorterCA5.9
4/27/11DuluthSHINER SMOKEHAUSShinerSeasonal SpecialtyTX4.9
4/27/11DuluthRED BRICK DOG DAYS ALERed BrickHefeweizenGA5
4/27/11DuluthBLUE MOON SUMMER HNY WHTBlue MoonWheat BeerCO5.2
8/21/11DecaturUinta Monkshine BelgianUintaBelgian PaleUT4
8/21/11DecaturStrongbow BottleStrongbowCiderENG5
8/21/11DecaturLeinenkugel Berry WeissLeinenkugelFruit/Herbed/Spice BeerWI4.7
8/21/11DecaturBROOKLYN OKTOBERFESTBrooklynOktoberfest/MarzenNY5
9/10/11DuluthUinta Angler's Pale AleUintaPale AleUT5.8
9/10/11DuluthPacificoGrupo ModeloLagerMEX4.8
9/10/11DuluthHEAVY SEAS MARZENHeavy SeasOktoberfest/MarzenMD5.7
11/12/11Perimeter PlaceTERRAPIN HOPSECUTIONERTerrapinIPAGA7.3
11/12/11Perimeter PlaceROGUE YELLOW SNOWRoguePale AleOR5.3
11/12/11Perimeter PlaceOB MAMA'S LI'L YELLA PILSOskar BluesPilsnerCO5.3
12/2/11DuluthYUENGLING LORD CHESTERFLDYuenglingPale AlePA5.6
12/2/11DuluthLEINENKUGEL NUT BROWNLeinenkugelBrown AleWI4.9
4/2/12DecaturRED HARE WATERSHIP BROWNRed Hare Brewing CompanyBrown AleGA7.2
4/2/12DecaturBlack & TanBassBlendedMO5
4/15/12DecaturLEINENKUGEL SUMMER SHANDYLeinenkugelFlavored and Malt BeveragesWI4.2
5/12/12DuluthRED BRICK BROWN ALEABCAmber/Red AleGA5.9
5/12/12DuluthFRENCH BROAD 13 REBELSFrench BroadESBNC5.2
6/2/12SuwaneeUnibroue Blanche ChamblyUnibroueWitbier/White BeerCAN5
6/2/12SuwaneeBard's Tale Dragon's GoldGordon BierschBlonde AleNY4.3
6/2/12SuwaneePenn Dark LagerPenn BreweryDark Lager/DunkelPA5
6/8/12DuluthSAMUEL ADAMS SUMMERSamuel AdamsBlonde AleMA5.2
6/8/12DuluthRED BRICK BLONDEABCBlonde AleGA4.9
6/8/12DuluthGREAT DIV ESPRESSO YETIGreat DivideStoutCO9.5
9/1/12DuluthROGUE CHATOE GOOD CHITRoguePilsnerOR5.2
9/1/12DuluthFox Barrel Pacific PearFox Barrel Cider Co.CiderCA4.5
9/17/12DuluthMOLSON CANADIANMolsonLagerCAN5
9/17/12DuluthINNIS & GUNN ORIGINALInnis & GunnAmber/Red AleSCO6.6
9/17/12DuluthBOULEVARD UNFILTERED WHTBoulevardHefeweizenMO4.6
9/17/12DuluthANCHOR CHRISTMAS 11AnchorWinter WarmerCA5.5
9/17/12DuluthSAMUEL ADAMS OCTSamuel AdamsOktoberfest/MarzenMA5.7
12/2/12DecaturBLUE MOON WINTER ABBEYBlue MoonSeasonal SpecialtyCO5.6
12/2/12DecaturBRECKENRIDGE XMASBreckenridgeSeasonal SpecialtyCO7.4
12/6/12DecaturSWEETWATER EXODUS PORTERSweetwaterPorterGA6.2
12/6/12DecaturCisco Sankaty Light CanCisco BrewersLagerMA3.8
12/6/12DecaturGOOSE ISLAND HONKER'S ALEGoose IslandESBIL4.2
12/6/12DecaturFat Cat Sultans Wheat CanMinhas Craft BreweryWitbier/White BeerWI4.9
12/6/12DecaturYuengling Premium Beer 16YuenglingPilsnerPA4.9
12/6/12DecaturMolson GoldenMolsonLagerCAN5
12/22/12DuluthKILLIANS REDCoorsAmber LagersCO4.9
12/22/12DuluthO'DEMPSEY'S BIG REDO'Dempsey'sAmber/Red AleGA6
12/30/12DuluthFlying Dog Tire BiterFlying DogKolschMD5.1
1/3/13DecaturRED BRICK CHOC CHERRY PORRed BrickPorterGA6.2
1/3/13DecaturButternuts Porkslap PaleButternutsPale AleNY4.9
7/5/13Lindbergh City CenterWILD HEAVEN INVOCATIONWild HeavenBelgian PaleGA8.5
7/5/13Lindbergh City CenterNEW BELGIUM ROLLE BOLLENew BelgiumFruit/Herbed/Spice BeerCO5.2
7/5/13Lindbergh City CenterIron CityPittsburghLagerPA4.5
9/1/13DuluthGREAT DIVIDE HEYDAY WHITEGreat DivideWitbier/White BeerCO5.2
9/1/13DuluthAnchor PorterAnchorPorterCA5.6
12/30/13DuluthMOTHER EARTH WEEP WIL WITMother Earth Brewing Co.Witbier/White BeerNC5
12/30/13DuluthMonday Night Eye PatchMonday Night BrewingIPAGA6.2
12/30/13DuluthHofbrau Munchen OriginalHofbrauLagerGER5.1
12/30/13DuluthUB EPHEMERE CASSISUnibroueFruit/Herbed/Spice BeerCAN5.5
12/30/13DuluthMONDAY NIGHT FU MANBREWMonday Night BrewingWitbier/White BeerGA5.2
5/9/14DuluthWESTBROOK WHITE THAIWestbrook BrewingWitbier/White BeerSC5
5/9/14DuluthCLOWN SHOES CLEMENTINEClown ShoesWitbier/White BeerMA5.9
5/9/14DuluthCHERRY ST DIRTY FRENCHMANCherry St. BrewingSaisonGA6
5/9/14DuluthROGUE CHIPOTLE ALERogueFruit/Herbed/Spice BeerOR5.5
7/8/14AlpharettaWOODCHUCK MACBERRY PEARWoodchuckCiderVT5.5
7/8/14AlpharettaABITA STRAWBERRYAbitaFruit/Herbed/Spice BeerLA4.2
9/20/14DuluthPP HOFBRAU MUNCHEN OKTOBRHofbrauOktoberfest/MarzenGER6.3
9/20/14DuluthMONDAY NIGHT NERD ALERTMonday Night BrewingPilsnerGA5.7
9/26/14AlpharettaMONDAY NIGHT TMAC DADDYMonday Night BrewingPorterGA5.7
9/26/14AlpharettaBM KONIG LUDWIGWarsteinerHefeweizenGER5.5
9/26/14AlpharettaLEFT HAND BLACKJACK PORTELeft HandPorterCO6.8
12/20/14DuluthSWEETWATER FESTIVE ALESweetwaterStrong AleGA8.6
12/20/14DuluthHIGHLAND MOCHA STOUTHighlandStoutNC5.3
12/20/14DuluthBLUE MOON GINGERBREADBlue MoonFlavored and Malt BeveragesCO5.9
1/24/15MetropolisBrooklyn East IPABrooklynIPANY7
2/17/15DuluthDogfish 60 Minute IPADogfish HeadIPADE6
4/4/15DuluthNEW BELGIUM SNAPSHOTNew BelgiumWheat BeerCO5
4/4/15Duluth21st Amend Sneak Attack21st AmendmentSaisonCA6.2
5/20/15Duluth21st Amend Hell or High21st AmendmentFlavored WheatCA5.5
5/20/15DuluthBM HARPOON IPAHarpoonIPAMA5.8
5/20/15DuluthBM HARPOON BIG SQUEEZEHarpoonShandyMA4.5
5/20/15DuluthBROOKLYN BLASTBrooklynIPANY8

I’m more proud of this than I have any right to be.