…Now Reap the Whirlwind

…Now Reap the Whirlwind

So back in the days when this was published on LiveJournal (the archives are still here… visible only to me, because sorry… young me was insufferable), I ranted a lot about work. It’s not a smart thing to do, and I stopped.

Until today.

*Clears throat*

Dear lower-level technician: The call that I took this morning that you had previously worked on was an absolute disaster. The advice and steps that the office said that you gave them were, at best, completely and utterly wrong and something that anyone with an ounce of logic in their head would never have suggested. At worst, they would have led to a lawsuit that the company would have no defense against.

I resolved the issue that you had exacerbated and groveled to calm an angry customer. Because I didn’t want this to happen again but I had liked you, lower-level technician, I opted to let your Team Lead know what went on, how the issue was resolved, and to give you coaching—which, readers, is NOT disciplinary action, and more of a gentle “hey, don’t do this in the future, do this instead”— and let my incredulity that this would have actually happened on a tech call slide off of my back. My call notes stated that the customer told me that you had told them this. At no point did I say that you specifically had done this thing.

To respond the way you did, personally attacking me ON THE CUSTOMER’S ACCOUNT NOTES PAGE, written in indelible ink, proclaiming your innocence and giving a “but so-and-so told me to do this, I just didn’t put it in the notes, for realsies” defense, and bringing up other issues that would be a stretch to even call tangential… is not the way to react to this. An IM would have been fine. An e-mail would have been fine. Talking to me face-to-face about the issue would have been great. Not that.

So congratulations, asshole. You’ve managed to jump headfirst into a prime spot on my shitlist. Your prize for this is a formal report of employee misconduct, a full review of both the call and recorded remote assistance session where you allegedly wrecked the customer’s… ah… situation (can’t be too specific, due to legal regulations)… and the lost of all of the trust that I had ever given you to do the most rudimentary of things. You’ve also gained extreme scrutiny from me on every last little thing that you do incorrectly that reaches me, and believe you me, anything that you do out of line… goes straight to your boss.

I hope with all my strength that you get caught red-handed telling this customer the things that they claim that you told them and doing the things that they allege you have done, and I hope that they throw the fucking book at you.

Edit, one day later:

Shockingly, after the formal report, the person in question approached me and gave a formal apology.  The notes were manually deleted, and a completely unnecessary but appreciated compliment about my lovely lavender fishin’ shirt was thrown in for good measure.  I’ll take that as a win. 

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