The Road Behind

The Road Behind

Today, I felt guilty like I always feel when I read other people’s blogs for neglecting my own decided to write something.  I’ve been on a downward path as of late, and think it’s time to list one of those “hey, look at all of the cool shit that you’ve done in your life that you should be thankful for!” posts to try to break me out of my funk. And I’m unleashing it on you, my literally ones of readers. Here goes.

  • I beat Battletoads for the NES without cheating.
    • This took many hours, and no one believes me… but I did it.  I beat one of the most difficult games ever devised.
  • I’ve camped under the stars.
    • No shelter.  Just me, my pack, and my sleeping bag. I only did it once, but it was fantastic.
  • I moved away from my parents.
    • Yes, I know that this doesn’t seem like much, but with the growing trend of people my age still living at home because of a crap economy, I’m counting this as a win.
  • I was a college radio DJ.
    • Granted, it was a VERY brief time (I only had a few shows under my belt before Attempt #1 at school ended)… but I lived the dream.  Hell, I still know that I could have been a fantastic jock— I’ve been complimented on my voice by several long-time DJs and my former professor— but working like a dog for a salary in the $25k/year range (at least at first) and having the knowledge that you may have to move at any point in time hanging over your head at all times… yeah.
  • I left a Vegas casino more than $100 ahead.
    • If only that happened every time I played.
  • I survived an (extremely) emotionally abusive relationship— and (mostly) got through it.
    • The less said about this one the better.  It took roughly 1000% more time for me to leave than I should have, Bad Things happened, counseling happened afterwards, and I’m a stronger person.  Although if I was asked to do it over again… NOPE.  And as a side note, all of the people who said (and say) that I shouldn’t still be angry about it… I will ALWAYS be angry about it.  To not be angry about what was done to me is to forget the lesson that I learned.
      Always Angry
  • I made a cross-country move.  I lived on my own, no roommates, no nothin’, for a year.
    • I didn’t die.  I learned much about myself. I kept a clean house, a well decorated living room (bedroom was a little boring), paid rent on time, and even sat out on my porch a few times until the bugs got too thick.
  • I went white-water rafting. Twice.
    • I’m terrified of water.  How I have done this twice I still don’t know, even though I had a panic attack the second go round and nearly killed someone.
  • I adopted a dog from a rescue.
    • Yes, I’m that guy.  MY DOG IS A RESCUE, YOU GUYS.
  • I finally have come to accept, nay, admire, how my face looks.
    • I used to think that I was not an attractive man.  I learned that my face ain’t that bad looking.  The rest of me is a work of progress, but my mug is pretty awesome.
  • I met an awesome woman and moved in with her after three(!) months of dating, risks be damned.  Then I married her.
    • I’m still shocked that she sent that first message to me, despite the snarkiness of my profile.  I’m still shocked that I worked up the nerve to say “I love you” after just over a month of dating. I’m still shocked that we moved in so quickly and didn’t kill each other.  I’m still shocked that I bought that ring without her input and that it turned out to be amazing.  I’m NOT shocked that everything with us has been fantastic.
  • I have walked into the Atlantic Ocean and didn’t die.
    • This was in Savannah.  It was salty.  I stood at my full height because I thought I was going to be swept away, even though my feet still were on the ground.  I even had fun.  Don’t tell anyone.  I did it in the Keys too, but that was different.  Note that I am NOT mentioning the snorkeling incident, which is best forgotten.  Forever.
  • I bought a house.
    • There aren’t a ton of people from my generation that were homeowners at 26 years old.
  • I learned that my parents aren’t completely infallible, and that’s OK.
    • Knowing that for a given level of Mom, there’s a decent amount of crazy is a good thing.  Knowing that I can disagree with her is a great thing.
  • I learned to ride a motorcycle, got my license endorsement, and own a bike.
  • I went to Mardi Gras.
    • So many beads.  And I didn’t even have to earn ’em the hard way!
  • I went back to college to get that degree that I never got.
    • Well, I don’t have the degree yet.  But, with a lot of encouragement (more than I’m willing to admit) from KLynne, I took the first step.  Now I’m (slowly but surely) on the way to meet my goals.
  • I’ve visited half of the states in the US.
    • Some visits were not long.  But if I was in a car, got out of the car in that state, and ate or got gas, I’m counting it.
  • I rescued a stray dog.
    • Looking back, I don’t see how I could have ever considered NOT keeping Bumi after we picked him up from the side of the road.  I don’t even want to think about what his fate would have been if we wouldn’t have stopped on that scenic overlook.
  • I found and embraced my personal sense of style.
    • I’m not going to be winning any GQ awards for Most Fashionable Guy in the History of Ever, but I know what I like.  Hawaiian/Camp shirts, fishing shirts (either by Columbia or aping their style), comfortable jeans or cargo pants. T-shirts on weekends.  Not anything groundbreaking.  It’s basically Dadwear even though I’m not a dad. So what if I look like I look like I could be working at REI… or going to a Buffett concert.


Let me know what you’re proud of. Not of mine.  I’m not that kind of fishin’ for compliments guy. Er… proud that you’ve done.  Yeah.

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  1. Dude, I’d say your list is pretty great. I might need to make one myself. Past few years have been… challenging.

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