Getting Things Off Of My Chest, Volume I

Getting Things Off Of My Chest, Volume I


If the only thing that your employees gain after a goal is attained is “well, you’ve taught us that striving for goals here is pointless”, you’re doing something wrong.


I see my friends on Goodreads reading very serious books.  And I’m just sitting here reading stuff about Saturday Night Live and graphic novels.  I’d say that it’s my brain’s safety valve ’cause of all of the science and math and stuff that I’m doing,  But that would be a lie.

The Motorcycle

I’ve been gunshy about getting back onto my bike after The Accident (did I mention The Accident?  I think I did back in the Year in Review post).  The plan is that if the weather is good on Saturday (and I can get at least one page of the research paper I’m working on knocked out), I’m gonna ride to a local empty parking lot (elementary school maybe?) and try to practice some of the stuff I learned in my Basic RiderCourse.  Get that done, make a few short neighborhood trips, and eventually work up to going to school.


Unexpected craziness with registration means I’m going to be trying to cram a full Stats course into five weeks… and taking a night Bio course won Friday nights this fall with an early Saturday night lab.  Kill me.


Learning when NOT to fight change is the hardest change of all.

Post-Lunch Addendum:


I know it’s Spring… because my car is coated in a healthy layer of tree jizz.  HEY PLANTS! THAT’S A 2002 ELANTRA, NOT A PISTIL. NO NEW LIFE WILL SPRING FROM IT. KEEP OFF PLEASE.


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