The Yeard: February

The Yeard: February

Yeard Feb!

This is the Yeard, as of February. (The 14th, to be exact.) You’ll see a bit of growth and that it looks a little bit hobo-ish already.  I can’t braid it yet and it’s a bit patchy.  Damn my uneven hair growth!

Other things that I’ve noticed:

  • I’m officially at the length where I can thoughtfully stroke my beard and I only look like 80% of a tool.
  • Beard Oil/Balm and conditioners are your friend.  If I don’t keep it tamed, it gets wiry and terrible.  Maybe as I grow it out it’ll soften?
  • My hair looks terrible in that photo, but in my defense I hadn’t brushed it yet.  Just woke up, so the eyes are extra-squinty.
  • Yes, I’m wearing Mardi Gras beads. Our friend Gladstone (who needs to update his damn blog!) sent two sets of beads and a delicious king cake from Randazzo’s for Mardi Gras. I’ve cropped the photo, because at the bottom of those beads is something rather phallic.  Actually, it’s a miniature plaster dong. Hooray for Mardi Gras!  You don’t want to guess what the other one had on the end of ’em.  THANKS, GLADSTONE!

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