In Which Our Author Girds Himself For Summer Semester, Surgery, and Such

In Which Our Author Girds Himself For Summer Semester, Surgery, and Such

For me, at least, Spring Semester is over.  (Long live Spring Semester?)

It has been an eventful one, to say the least.  I survived the non-response to the Harridan fallout.  I managed to get through Chem 1212, which was not the easiest of classes to get through.  My Chem professor, Dr. P, was fantastic, though.  Always willing to talk if we had issues with the work.  Willing to throw us a few bones if we needed help on material.  Hell, I finished the class with an 89% after my final (which I TANKED on, for some reason… KLynne blames a lack of study, and while I agree I could’ve studied more, I blame material that wasn’t covered in as much depth on prior exams/homework/quizzes) and I have a last-second opportunity to possibly bump that up.

I get a few glorious weeks off from school.  (Sadly, I still have work, but you can’t win ’em all.)  I intend to use those to play video games with my bro, get some reading done, and above all, rest… ’cause Summer Semester is in the background, snorting and pawing the ground, ready to charge me.  Despite a muttered “I’m never gonna do THAT again” after last summer, I am again taking two separate Summer Term session classes… each one an 8:00-10:30, Monday through Thursday death march.  History nearly killed me last time with the sheer volume of work necessary for it.  My English papers nearly killed me because I married an English/Creative Writing degree-holder that is employed as a copy editor, and she takes no prisoners.  (I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART!)

My fist challenger is a prerequisite for the Pharm program that I’m hoping to get into at some point in the future… Public Speaking.  I’ve always felt that speaking in front of others is a strength of mine— my Events of Choice in Debate were Impromptu and Extemporaneous Speaking, after all— but it has been a while since I’ve talked to a decent-sized group, and I’ve got no idea what the class will entail.  With the class so condensed, I’m wondering if our big projects will be two or three speeches… or maybe one each Thursday.  I know not.

If I can survive that, the next combatant is going to be a little more rough… US Government, which is a degree prereq (it has a strong Constitutional component).  Stupid Me never submitted his AP test scores in that class, and they’ve long since been lost in the sands of time.  Not that my test score was that great, mind you.  I do wonder if it would’ve mattered, because I believe that there’s a Georgia Government bit of it somewhere.  Here goes nothing, right?

On top of all of this, it’s looking like one of my many and varied medical bullshit things may require surgery.  I’ll spare you the (literally) bloody details, but I’m going in to get a surgical consult tomorrow morning, and I’m not gonna lie… I’m pretty nervous.  The closest things that I’ve had to surgery were having my wisdom teeth removed and having a liver biopsy, which was scary in and of itself.  This will be in an awkward place (not where you’re thinking, and not in the back of a Volkswagen, either). I will, I’m sure, end up writing about that if a surgery happens.  I’m always looking for ideas on things to write about that require literally no thought new things to muse upon here, even if I never get around to musing upon 90% of ’em.

It isn’t all stress, though.  I might be going camping in a few weeks (YAY!), even if I haven’t really given much thought as to where we’ll be going (and if we’ll take the dog or not).  I’ve been itching to get out there again, and hopefully somewhere that will involve hiking our stuff in.  (Famous last words, right?) I’ll have to prep some cotton balls with Vaseline as a firestarter and/or get some fatwood, get my fancy-shmancy camp cookware ready, and pre-load the GPS with topo maps and geocaches.  It will, hopefully, be Good Times.

So what are you planning?  (Guys?)


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