I’m A Teepee, I’m A Wigwam

I’m A Teepee, I’m A Wigwam

After the Harridan fallout (which hasn’t stopped… I now need to do Loan Exit Counseling), Spring Break happened.  It was a nice rest.

Then Fate decided that I’m not stressed enough.  For Chemistry, we had a series of experiments and a report.  Pretty standard, except for the fact that this is our BIG PROJECT (it has to deal with spectrophotometric analysis of food dyes) worth a good chunk of my grade… like 15%.  High stress.  Took the better part of a week after work meeting with my lab partner at Starbucks, analyzing data, throwing it into Excel, writing, re-writing, cursing my life, and writing again.  We turned it in (thank Glob that it was ONLY the report and not a presentation, like it was in Chem 1211) and we managed to get 100%.  Exhale.  Feel good.  And then BWAHAHAHA, YOU HAVE A TEST THE NEXT TIME YOU GO TO CLASS! ON STUFF YOU HAD ISSUES WITH!  SUCK IT!

This week has been a week of study, and redoing homework,and procrastinating when I should be doing MORE study, and neglecting the dishes.  Oh, man.  Don’t look at our kitchen.  It looks like a homeless camp.  (Dirty Mike and The Guys say “Hi”).  It’s Friday, class is tomorrow, and I THINK I have the stuff for Chapter 13 memorized.  Too bad it’s on 13-15.   (In all honesty, I think I’m good on the second half of 14 and all of 15, but time will tell).  Post test?  I plan on relaxing.  Playing some Stick of Truth.  And… making the kitchen look less hobotacular.  It’ll be a great minor break, because then…

MY LITTLE BROTHER IS MOVING IN (for a little while at first but maybe like six to nine months)! Y’see, the Parental Units are, for reasons too lengthy to get into here, temporarily relocating from Vegas to Utah.  As my little brother doesn’t want to live in Utah, he’s coming here to the Peach State to try to find gainful employment.  He wants a Tech Support job. Hopefully, he gets one.  We’ll help him as much as we can, but he needs to put in the effort.  I’m pretty sure he will.  If he doesn’t find anything in a month, he’s gonna go back to Vegas.  If he does… new roommate!  Permanent third player for our board games! WHUT WHUT.  If not…  it’ll be nice to have him visit for a while.

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