Adventures In Higher Education, or Confessions of a Thirty-Year-Old Freshman

Adventures In Higher Education, or Confessions of a Thirty-Year-Old Freshman

Since having restarted school (again) this past Summer term, I have come to realize a few things:

  • Man, I’m old.
  • Laughing at references to 70’s and 80’s pop culture when no one else does makes you stick out like a sore thumb to your classmates, but it endears you to your professors, who are also probably feeling older and older with each successive class.
  • Damn near everything is turned electronically.
  • Damn near all notes are done in the form of a PowerPoint stack. No notes on the whiteboard (my school is too new to have any chalkboards, that’s what you get for going to the first new state college in the US established in the 21st Century).  No notes on transparencies.
  • Some professors will use technology (i.e. YouTube) as a crutch. You won’t learn a lot from those professors. Likewise, some professors barely teach and use the “oh, just look at the PowerPoint on your own time if you don’t get it” excuse.
  • JESUS. Lots of these kids are dumb as posts.
  • JESUS. I’m an idiot compared to some of these kids.
  • Keeping your damn mouth shut seems to be optional to some people.
  • College libraries haven’t stopped being awesome since my prior attempts at schooling.
  • Man, I’m old.

And fall term!  The school is packed, parking is a beeyotch, and I feel like Captain America in “The Avengers” when I hear other students talking about pop culture-y things.


I’m three weeks in and Algebra is already kicking my ass.  Chemistry is the toadie who is holding my arms behind my back while Algebra punches me in the nads.  Still, I have summer term’s grades to keep me motivated— and the promise that if I can keep a 3.0, I get the lovely HOPE Scholarship. Not having to pay for $3500 of tuition a year would be pretty frakkin’ sweet.

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