Toaster Strudel: Boston Cream Pie

Toaster Strudel: Boston Cream Pie

I remember about ten or so years back when Kellogg’s made a bold decision regarding Pop-Tarts… “Hey, screw it. We’re not even gonna try to be healthy anymore.”

With that decision came new flavors of Pop-Tart to compliment the allegedly healthy Frosted Strawberry et al… Strawberry Milkshake. S’mores. Chocolate chip cookie.

Well, 2009 has rolled around. We’re in dire financial times and we need things to make our fat asses happy, and Pillsbury has just the thing… the Boston Cream Pie Toaster Strudel.

I’ve always preferred Toaster Strudels to Pop-Tarts (really, there’s no comparison) and my heart melted with joy (and collected trans-fats) when I was at Kroger and saw these beauties next to the first sign that the Strudels were gonna go completely “We’re not even trying to be healthy anymore”… the Strawberry and Cream Cheese ones.

I snapped them up like a fat kid buying breakfast pastries (hey, wait) and drove home to see if they were any good.

And boy, were they good. It’s the traditional flaky strudel-y crust that you all know, love, and watch burn in the bottom of your toaster paired with a yellow sugary cream and — this is the best part — they replaced the traditional white frosting with CHOCOLATE.

Yeah… chocolate. I’m gonna let you ruminate on that for a while.

Oh, yeah.

Combined, the flavors create a sensation that can only be described as “the best damn thing that has come out of the toaster since, well, ever”.

You’re damn right I fully endorse this product and am willing to tell you that you don’t really love your kids / significant others / yourselves if you don’t buy these and chow down.

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