Let me tell you how my day has been going.

I got a call transferred to me from a guy in Sales back at my old job. It’s a sales person from that group’s parent company. Let’s call them Schmenry Shmine. This call was not for anything tech-related… this is a guy who’s pushing gauze, gloves, toothpaste, and all of the other common-use stuff in a dental office.

He wants me to give him the part number to and put in an order for a camera hanger.

Guess what? I AM IN TECHNICAL SUPPORT. I don’t sell things, I don’t have part numbers, I don’t even think the part he wants is even sold seperately. I tell him that I don’t have access to this, but I would be more than happy to get him to a regional sales manager who has a part list.

He says “I don’t want a goddamn manager, I want to be put on the line with someone who can give me that and sell it to me immediately. Come on, let’s do it for Team Schei– er… Schmein.”

News Flash:
I don’t work for Schmenry Shmine.

Schmenry Shmine is the company that repeatedly gave me the shaft for the last two years I was with them, continually pulling asshole move on me after asshole move.

I have no loyalty for Team Shmine.

In fact, I would dance a freaking JIG if Schmenry Shmine and all of their subsidiaries were forced out of business and the CEO, Board of Directors, and in fact everyone down the chain to the guy who used to run the Support team and dissolved the Quality Control department were left penniless giving handjobs for whiskey money.

THAT is how I feel about Team Shmine.

He got ten minutes in the Penalty Box and a phone number for his zone manager. DAMN do I hate people.

3 thoughts on “RAGE ACTIVATED

  1. Spinch you are completely justified in your rant and I completely agree its only a matter of time till I’m outta here

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