More War.

More War.

A follow-up:

When I was paying my rent, I had the fortune to run into the staffer in the office who took me through all of the lease stuff– and she said that it was definitely no freaking bueno that I had that late-night visitor pop up.

The exterminators are coming next Tuesday to get things taken care of. Spin one, vermin nothing.

But enough about that… for I have… A COFFEE MAKER!

And not just any coffee maker, but a REALLY FREAKING NICE ONE (and I do have to give credit to Mom, who found it on Overstock)… the Cuisinart Grind ‘N Brew. Stainless front. Thermal (rather than glass) carafe. Oh, and did I mention that I just feed it whole beans and it grinds right there? There’s not a chance in hell that I would’ve paid full price for it, but since I do loves my coffee and I would’ve shelled for a decent coffee maker and a nice grinder anyway… yeah, I’m a happy boy.

Step two on the irrational exuberance front is coming tomorrow– some cookware. It’s a decent Revere Ware stainless/copper set- two saucepans (one and one point five quarts, respectively), a small skillet (to complement the cast iron monstrosity), and a four point five quart dutch oven (which is now the officially designated Spaghetti Pot).

I still need to get a few decent knives, a Crock Pot (or similar), a few spatulae (I know that’s not the plural form of spatula, but it sounds cool, so leave me alone), a cookie sheet and cake pan (which I’ve been holding off on because if I own ’em… I’ll make cookies and cake), and a grater of some type… but aside from those few things (which won’t be terrible price-wise, minus the knives) I’m set kitchen-wise. Now the only other thing that I want for the house is a coffee table, rug, and a few end tables… because (as most of you guessed or were told) I’ve got front room furniture en route.

Yeah, I’m way too excited for this than is healthy for me. I don’t care. :P

Finally… step three is DRAGON-CON! Yes, I will be attending one day of an event that can be described only as Geek Critical Mass. No, I’m not sure what I’ll do… but I’m excited to check it out.

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