For Those About To Blarg… WE SALUTE YOU

For Those About To Blarg… WE SALUTE YOU

Now that I have my Blarg looking all purdy, here’s THE GRAND TOUR OF MY NEW PLACE! I bet like THREE OF YOU are SO EXCITED to see MY NEW PLACE. Sometimes I SEEM TO have PROBLEMS CONTROLLING THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. Anyway, these pictures are from the fifth day that I moved in. The place is a lot cleaner now. I friggin’ swear it.

Here We Are!

Welcome, foolish mortals. Dare ye enter Spin’s first place?



The Coat Closet

This is my lovely coat closet. There’s a down parka in here that I doubt I’ll be needing but it’s nice and warm, along with too many hoodies and my awesome Dyson (although the sparkly purple and teal is a bit much).

The Kitchen

Next we’ve got the kitchen. Behold its splendor. Also, the board games up on the cabinets? That’s only HALF of the collection. The magnets, even though you can’t see what they are, tend to be half Napoleon Dynamite (shut up, I liked it) and half Nacho Libre (shut up, I liked it!).

The Laundry Room

One of the cool things that this apartment has is the laundry room– and my rent includes the washer and dryer. It was one of the big things that made me choose to live here… laundry is (strangely enough) kind of a Zen thing for me. I can focus on folding, getting things hung… I dunno. It makes me feel like a Big Kidâ„¢.

The Living Room

Ahh, yes… the important part. I don’t have the stereo set up yet, but I do have the TV and cable hooked up. It’s got a DVR. Man, I don’t know how I ever lived without one. The boxes are all full of either game stuff (which I need to figure out a place for) or random unclassifiable stuff that I need to put somewhere.

There Are Three Lights...

The ceiling fan came in the apartment, although it lacked any form of lighting. Dad, Chronos and I hit Home Depot (since they helped with the move) and I chose this one… but more importantly, I chose the royal blue shades on the light fixture. I like blue (even if the lighting in the living room is pretty dim because of it… but hey, who doesn’t like mood lighting? Eh? EHH?

Best.  Shower Curtain.  EVER.

My bathroom is pretty big, but everyone’s seen Sink and Turlet before. This is the most important part… the MEAT SHOWER CURTAIN. I’ve got the matching rug in the mail, but it was sent to Utah (so I’ll have to get it next time I visit home).

The Command Center

Finally… here’s the Command Center. The messiest room of all, and where I’m parked right now, writing this awesome post for you guys. There’s also a walk-in closet, but I didn’t remember to take a picture of that (and really, who wants to see my overly-large amounts of clothing?).

So that’s the Grand Tour, everyone. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I rambled.

4 thoughts on “For Those About To Blarg… WE SALUTE YOU

  1. It is– I picked up the 40″ when it was on sale on Woot.

    I’ve loved it. Definitely a great upgrade from the old TV that used to be in the front room that we played Street Fighter II on. :P

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