Urge To Kill Rising…

Urge To Kill Rising…

Dear world:

It’s been a while since you’ve had a post full of anger and bitterness here. Well… I’m back.

Yesterday, my copy of Windows XP that I had ordered online showed up. This would normally be a reason to celebrate, and I did… until I opened it.

I didn’t get an OEM copy of XP like I had ordered (as I had just bought a new PC)… I got a Volume License Edition for education. The CD itself is a legitimate Microsoft CD… but it was illegally sold to me. The CD states that not only it’s not for retail OR OEM distribution, but, in clear terms, that it is NOT FOR RESALE. Of course, this really helps me because I get my upgrade stuff today. I try to go legit and THIS is what I get? Sonofabitch.

To add fuel to the flame, I came to work and read an E-mail on one of the monitors that I did. I’m not naming names of either the person in question nor the department they work in nor the manager who sent me the E-mail…

But this person got a 100%. Best score you can get without REALLY impressing the QC team, or going the extra mile for the customer, or whatever. Unfortunately, this person’s manager doesn’t think that’s nearly enough. In fact, this person’s manager complained that I didn’t give their technician a 101%. Remember the rant that I wrote a while back? Yeah. It’s that same person.

The only thing that’s keeping me from going outside and breaking my hand on one of the columns out front again is the fact that I’ve been taking great care to breathe evenly and deeply and looking at the picture of Angela and I in my cube to remind myself that there are more important things in life than taking out my anger on inanimate objects.

One thought on “Urge To Kill Rising…

  1. Taking out your anger on inanimate objects is one of the things that makes you such a special person. I see it more as a responsibility than anything else. I would recommend the use of a bat or a golf club rather than a fist. Too many of those kinds of Dr visits and they put you under observation. (long story).

    BTW, I consider stupid people inanimate objects.

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