A Shitty Situation. (Heh.)

A Shitty Situation. (Heh.)

First… Happy Halloween, everyone. May you get candy or tail, whichever one you want more.

Secondly… I hate people. Here at work, we have an annual tradition of letting employees take their kids trick-or-treat. This I have no problem with. What I do have a problem with is the lady who was changing her kid’s diaper… in the break room. But not only was she doing this, but she was doing it on one of the break room tables… without the aid of a cloth, liner, or even a bit of newspaper to put the kid on. But no, she topped that by throwing the kid’s shitty diaper into one of the break room garbages… thus guaranteeing that the poor saps downstairs will be inhaling that lovely fragrance known as eau de couches de bebe emmerdant (Probably not translated properly. Don’t care.)

That lady needs to Delta in a Foxtrot.

4 thoughts on “A Shitty Situation. (Heh.)

  1. As retribution for other less than pleasant experiences, on my last day, I will place a bag of extra butter popcorn in the microwave and set it for thirty minutes.

  2. Just warn me before it, OK? I want to know to take the day off.

    You might as well throw some chili in there along with it, though.

  3. P.S. I just noticed… thanks for the link. And, feel free to add Qwest to the Shit List. They decided to add 39.98 to my bill for my replacement phone; although such a transaction already exists on my bank statement.

    [ Insert excessive swearing here. ]

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