The Light At The End Of The Tunnel? Still A Train.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel? Still A Train.

It’s official… I have until End Of Quarter to make a decision regarding my job.

Option A is to keep my current title, but all that I would do is sit and monitor calls all day. Which, as all of you know, I abhor. It’s like watching paint dry but without all of the excitement. However, it would be a springboard toward getting a TL position (eventually… if one ever opens up in the two departments where I’d feel comfortable being a TL… maybe) and I’d still kind of be seen as management.

Option B is to have my fat ass busted back down to being a technician. Now, all of you know how hard that I’ve worked to move up from being one of the techs (and no offense to them). I’d probably have a higher tech level by default than the one that I left as, but still… that would mean taking calls again. And eventually having the “Oh, and by the way, we’re forcing you to cross-train on Core. And by the way, we’re going to flex you over to Core all the time, and there isn’t shit that you can do about it but whine, knowing that the situation will never change.” It’ll also drop my shot at EVER getting promoted again, as it shows that I”m not a “Team Player” and that I’m “willing to roll with what Management has planned” and that I’m a “Negative Influence” and that I “don’t bathe” and I “scare children” and I “have food stuck in my teeth”.

Option C is to find a new job… but I’ve got the same dilemma as everyone else who is seeking bigger and brighter things… I can’t find anywhere else that would pay me anything close to what I’m earning right now, and I can’t afford to lose my insurance.

Option D isn’t even an option. I’m not going there again.

I don’t know. To completely rephrase a bit of Les Miserables for my own nefarious purposes…

If I do nothing, I am condemned… if I go back, I am damned…

3 thoughts on “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel? Still A Train.

  1. +100 for an awesome post.

    << "Negative Influence" Ah yes, reminds me of my days in elementary school.

  2. I say be full-time QC Man! I’ll help keep it Less Boring, if that makes it any better. Oh, and I’ll buy you toothpicks, if you need them.

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